Social Responsibility

Azulik Lodge is committed to making a difference from a social accountability perspective to people, the environment and local economy.

Developed with the environment in mind, Azulik is an eco-tourism location so all guests may rest assured that their holiday has minimal impact on the environment. Tourists also stimulate the economy in a country where employment rates are low and Azulik is committed to only employ local Mozambicans. We use only local produce and maximise the use of indigenous plants and source food from local villagers.

Our chef’s unique fusion approach of blending local ingredients with international cuisine methods and dishes allows for an exceptional, world-class Mozambican culinary experience. Our chef comments: “By sourcing the best bush foods and introducing them to our menu, we provide income to the local community and simultaneously give our guests a real taste of Africa.”

Vilanculos contains rare plant and specifically flower species. Once there, the locals are eager to boast these different types of plants and teach the guests all about the different uses thereof.

We pride ourselves in nature reservation and make every effort to maintain the unspoiled natural diamond that Azulik is.